In the footsteps

Tour following in the footsteps of Van Gogh in Drenthe

The tour starts with a visit to the Van Gogh House. A guide then takes you to the Veenpark. During the tour through the open-air museum, you will see the primordial moor landscape that once inspired Van Gogh.


Natural Canal Tours

You can admire the natural canals of Drenthe with our Van Gogh CanalTour. In a wooden longboat, you are taken along several views who still breathe the ambiance of a bygone time. An unforgettable experience!




Painters in Drenthe
Van Gogh House

This permanent exhibition is devoted to Vincent van Gogh, his period in Drenthe, and partly to other painters who came to this area, like Liebermann.


The land of peat

Open-air museum Veenpark

At the end of the 19th century, when Vincent van Gogh lived in Drenthe, it became busy in the empty and untamed land.

Demand for turf led to enormous development in the peat colonies. This permanent exhibition learns you all about the landscape and the people that inspired him so much.